Duties of the Executive Committee and Regional Delegates

Executive Committee

A committee, formed from within the membership of the EPRA, is elected at the Annual General Meeting; each officer to serve for a period of three years. The officer positions are; Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Examination Secretary.

To conduct all meetings of the EPRA, to ensure that agendas for such meetings are followed. The Chairman will also be responsible to the Members for the correct running of the Association.  

Vice Chairman
Conduct meetings, in the absence of the chairman.

General Secretary
Will receive all correspondence, other than that pertaining to examinations, take minutes of all meetings and distribute such minutes to all paid up members within 14 days. Receive all requests for the supply of Referees, using the Regional Delegates, to fulfil such requests. The General Secretary will also be the EPRA delegate at EPA National Committee meetings.

Will present a detailed account of all financial activity, together with a report of all debtors and creditors, to the delegates Meetings, and must provide annually a financial report prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Membership fees must be paid by the end of November each year to entitle the member to attend the AGM, which is held on the last Sunday in January on the following year.

The Treasurer will issue to each member a receipt which the member then attaches to their membership card each year, or in the case of new members, will issue a new membership card.

All due payments or expenses will be paid by cheque and signed by two designated Executive Committee members.

Each year members complete a membership renewal form and this is sent with their fee, to the Regional Delegate who then collates all membership forms and records all members in their Region. All monies are paid into the EPRA bank account using the paying-in books provided.

Examinations Secretary
Will be responsible for the appointment of all examiners, and will normally consult the Regional Delegate when making such appointments. The Examinations Secretary will have the right to suspend any Examiner should it be deemed necessary.

All examination papers are sent to the Examinations Secretary for scrutiny before any results are divulged to candidates or any other person. The results are then returned en-bloc to the Examiner, together with a letter indicating pass or failure for each candidate.

A copy of the examination result will be sent to the
(1) Regional Delegate for their records,
(2) Treasurer so an affiliation form can be issued,
(3) Chairman and General Secretary for information and their records.

A report will be given at each General meeting of the Association, together with an annual report for the AGM.

Membership Secretary
Will collate and manage securely within relevant GDPR requirements the personal records and status of all the Association’s members and make this available to the Executive Committee to facilitate the smooth running of the Association, and to assist the other Officers in the day-to-day running of the Association.

Regional Delegates
Each Member will pay their affiliation fee to their Regional Delegate, who will collate and endorse the membership forms and record all members in their Region. All monies will be paid into the EPRA bank account using the paying in books provided.

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